The feedback form, located here, will be open throughout the school year. Currently, we package meals into typical to-go boxes at our kitchen on Clovis and Herndon Ave. We do not operate in any of the schools’ kitchens nor do we provide the meals in bulk.

Thank you to those that have submitted responses; each entry is carefully considered. We are continuing to work on providing a better hot lunch experience for your students.

Order Schedule

Due to bulk supply purchasing on our end, we recommend that meals be purchased for the month by the 26 of the previous month. This is flexible, but it does make it more difficult for us to plan our purchases ahead. If needed, meals can be bought per week, the recommended deadline being the Thursday the week before. In emergency cases, if one needs to purchase a meal for the next day, it can be bought before 8pm the previous night.

Food Serving Temperature

This varies by school. At Carden School, there are no volunteers or teachers assisting with the distribution.  Because of this, all of the meals are delivered at one time and not kept in food warming bags. At Fresno Christian Schools, there are volunteers and parents assisting. After delivery, the meals for the upper grades (7+) should be kept in the food warming bags until serving time. Occasionally, depending on the menu item, especially if it is fried or oven baked, it’s difficult to keep these items crispy, especially with students eating much later.

Salad/Dessert Missing

At Carden School, the delivery person divides out the pre-packed salads and desserts by grade. At Fresno Christian Schools, the child usually has the option to pick up a pre-packed salad and/or dessert. Our manager, observing the lunch procession at Fresno Christian, noticed that, when given the option, many students did not pick up a salad.

Portion Size

The responses about this were very mixed, as many said it was not enough, and many said it was the perfect amount. Our CEO and menu planner is a registered dietitian with almost 30 years of experience, and we do our best do keep to the suggested serving size based on student age, thus the price difference in grades. We are currently working on adding the option to order larger portions within the online ordering system.

Portion Size Different in the Same Grade

This is an accidental occurrence, and we apologize for this. To package the lunches, we create an assembly line and sometimes the grade written on the box isn’t observed or mistaken. In some cases, like with the popcorn chicken, we distribute based on portion size and not by the number of pieces. For example, Student A can receive 4 pieces and Student B receives 5, but they still receive 3oz of protein.

Canceling an Order the Day of

If you would like to cancel the next day’s meal, you have until 8pm the night before to do so through the online system. Anytime after that until 9am, you can call and leave a message with us at (559)324-7717. Due to the nature of the system, we cannot manually issue a refund after 9am the day of.